On this page you will be able to find notes and videos on the new version of i-Clarity that is being release on Tuesday 5th May. You will also be able to find the link that allows you to book a online training session for an i-Clarity topic of your choice. And lastly at the bottom of the page you will find a refresh section that has notes and videos on areas of i-Clarity so you can refresh you knowledge and catch up on any new features that were released that you may have missed.

Tips and Tricks

Notes on Version 3.2.9

Version 3.2.9

English eGOS1 Processing

English eGOS3 Processing

Stock Take by Range

Videos on Version 3.2.9

Using Patient Actions

Signing and Submitting eGOS claims in Bulk

Correcting unlinked eGOS Claims

Processing English eGOS1 Claims

Checking the status of submitted claims

Processing English eGOS3 Claims

English eGOS...

Don’t forget to read the notes on preparing for eGOS before starting to use the eGOS system.

Online i-Clarity Training

Along with our standard support service we have now opened a remote training platform. If you would like to book a remote training session on an i-Clarity topic of your choice please click the link below to book an appointment time.


Below are refresh notes and videos that will take you through areas of i-Clarity. They are here so you can refresh your knowledge and learn about enhancements that have been added in recent versions. We will be adding to this section of notes and videos in the coming weeks so keep checking for updates.

Introduction to i-Clarity

Creating a new patient record

Searching for an existing patient record

More on the i-Clarity Patient Record

More front page features

Booking Moving and Cancelling and Appointment

Features of the appointment diary

Creating a diary Clinic

Entering a spectacle prescription

Entering a contact lens prescription

Sending Recall Communications

The Marketing Module

Setting up and Maintaining Clinical Records

Pre- Screening and Clinical Records

Contact Lens Clinical Records

Non-Sight Test Records