Just a few things our users have to say about i-Clarity…

"i-Clarity ticked all the boxes perfectly"

We have been enthusiastic users of i-Clarity since we upgraded in 2012. We had a number of different criteria, i-Clarity ticked all the boxes perfectly.

At BBR Optometry we have been enthusiastic users of i-Clarity since we upgraded in 2012. When reviewing our options at the time, we had a number of different criteria – i-Clarity ticked all the boxes perfectly.

The bulk printing of GOS forms enables staff to generate an entire clinic in moments. User defined templates enable prescriptions and referrals to be produced with a single click. Overall, the clinical records module has almost entirely eliminated filing cabinets and manual filing.

Spectacle dispensing – i-Clarity enables the practice to easily maintain its own frame and lens database, and it allows ALL orders to be generated within the system – even the most complex – so they can be tracked and monitored. Most of our orders are then sent electronically to our lab, with no re-keying of data at any stage of the process.

Finally the system has been designed to robustly record financial data – I have complete confidence in the sales, cash, DD and stock information the system generates.

Staff love the fact that i-Clarity makes their jobs easier – no more spreadsheets, no more paper records, no more notebooks, just all patient information available at the click of a mouse anywhere in the practice. If you take the plunge you will never look back except with amazement at how paper records lasted so long!

Nicholas Rumney
BBR Optometry, Hereford

"Its adaptability & flexibility gives us an unrivalled edge"

We are continually impressed with i-Clarity, having had Practice Management Systems for over 30 years.

We chose i-Clarity after a very careful procurement process that took the best part of two years. One of the key issues was that we wanted a system that could link our three branches over the internet so that they could share a single database. Of the several systems that appeared to offer this, i-Clarity seemed to be the one that could do this with the greatest speed and reliability – and in practice this has proved to be the case.

Its adaptability and flexibility gives us an unrivalled edge, helping us maintain the high standards of service that our clients expect from us and we strive to maintain. No forward thinking practice owner should be without a Practice Management System, i-Clarity offers everything and more to any new or developing practice.

Its adaptability, flexibility and speed of analysis allows us to analyse data almost instantly, and allows us to be one step ahead.

The marketing and reporting functions are unrivalled in their ability to “drill down” easily to get that important data that every practice owner needs. i-Clarity is intuitive and forgiving, and adaptable enough to work for single practices, small groups or larger chains.

i-Clarity has been developed via a strong pedigree of Practice Management Systems, but very importantly continues to develop to meet the changing needs of its users.

Damian Conway
Dipple & Conway Opticians, Norwich

"I will get straight to the point and say that I love i-Clarity!"

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts about the i-Clarity Practice Management Software. I will get straight to the point and say that I love i-Clarity!

I have been practicing for over 15 years and can safely say that this is the simplest to use and most visually pleasing system that I have come across.

What I most like about this system is:

  • The user interface is easy to use with large icons and different colour skins
  • Navigating through the different functions is very simple and flows very well
  • Maintaining the system e.g. adding GP details is straightforward
  • KPI, Marketing and Sales reports are robust and informative
  • Cashing up at the end of the day literally takes less than five minutes!
  • Almost a year since we introduced this to our practice and I can happily report that I get excited about going to work that no matter what the day holds in store, I will not be let down by my software.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for the wonderful induction session that we had. Finally, the Customer Support service that we receive is excellent and most issues that we call about are easily dealt with. Your support staff have become a welcome extension of our team at DH Burns Opticians!

    I wish you all the success and can safely say that I am a Raving Fan!

Bobby Das
David Burns Opticians, Tottenham, London

"I can highly recommend i-Clarity and the team behind it."

When the time came to replace my previous practice management system, I had a number of criteria which had to be met.

First of all I wanted a system that I could see lasting the next 10 years, so had to be up to date and not just a legacy system made to look current.

It had to be multi-branch, with a centralised database which could be hosted to take away some of my IT responsibilities. It had to have relatively low bandwidth requirements to cope with the poor internet connections at my five branches and it needed to be perfectly capable of running over 3G for back up and for offsite use. Lastly over the anticipated 10+ years of its required lifespan, it had to be affordable and value for money.

Of course, it had to be able to do everything my last software did and more. Having gone paperless in 2004, we had to ensure that all the mass of patient and financial data from our existing software could be brought across – from odd prisms to specialist contact lens prescriptions. Clinical records and links to our Fundus image database, our OCT database and of course our remote edging software was a must.

I can highly recommend i-Clarity and the team behind it. Their data transfer, training and support skills have been exemplary, and not only do they listen to suggestions from users – they implement them too. I have no regrets in my choice or any hesitation in recommending i-Clarity.

Martin White
Brown and White, Bedfordshire

"an intuitive system flexible enough to meet our patients’ needs without being overwhelmingly complex"

Three years ago our ageing PMS couldn't integrate or share data captured on our various practice instruments.

We were unable to effectively interrogate and analyse our patient data. Furthermore, we knew we needed more efficient recall, marketing, general communication, stock control and financial management.

We chose to upgrade to the i-Clarity PMS, which is an intuitive system flexible enough to meet our patients’ needs without being overwhelmingly complex. Recalls and direct marketing are via e-mail and SMS text, as well as traditional post. There is a clinical pathway for each patient, which allows data to flow from reception, to pre-screening (including autorefraction), then into each consulting room.

Referrals are generated and forwarded both electronically or by post depending on the recipients’ preference and local NHS protocols. Final prescription information integrates with dispensing and ordering and is available on all workstations, as is all till / invoicing data. This streamlined process maximises Optometrist and Dispensing Optician time with patients, who benefit from more accurate and timely referrals, reassurance and a greater understanding of their eyes, vision and health.

i-Clarity can be customised to fit practice procedures without “taking over” – we can override data when necessary which keeps us humans in control without becoming “computer geeks”. When professional help is required from the team at i-Clarity this is always quick and efficient.

Andrew Thornton
Thornton Optometry & Co, Halifax

"I would have no hesitation in recommending i-Clarity"

Having used FOCUS for the last thirteen years our practice began to outgrow its capabilities.

Focus included all facets of PMS including full dispensing, stock control, clinical module, Sage accounts link, diary, and recall. Due to increasing business demand and the need for a second consulting room I now needed a new PMS that would merge the old data as seamlessly as possible, be intuitive and offer future proofing and security. We have had a Maestro OCT for three years now, so integration of OCT and other equipment was important.

The final and most critical factor was choosing a clinical records system that would allow me to maintain eye contact with my patients in the consulting room, and be able to review their entire ocular history on a single computer page, without having to flick through multiple tabs and pages as other systems seemed to require.

When I made enquiries, i-Clarity seemed to be the closest thing to where I was coming from. It linked to the OCT and both dispensing and clinical systems seemed very intuitive. i-Clarity is backed by a global company resulting in excellent confidence and future development.

The data conversion, installation and support has been excellent. Any software or hardware issues have been quickly resolved. The dreaded “anxiety of change” expressed by the staff is now already nearly a thing of the past!

I would have no hesitation in recommending practices review i-Clarity as a worthy contender to be their next PMS.

Kjell Nolke
Nolke Opticians, Waterford, Ireland