Feature highlights of i-Clarity Core, i-Clarity Advanced and i-Clarity Pro

Patient Record Card

The system is designed around the Patient Information card – just find the patient record and all key information about that patient is immediately to hand.

Automatic colouring of fields highlight critical information e.g. children under 16 and patients with outstanding balances; and with optional, user-definable prompts you can ensure records are completed and consistent throughout the practice.

Patient records can be assigned codes as a prompt to  alert staff to clinical information, accessible information requirements or to group patients into groups for marketing purposes.
Other features of the patient record card include:
  • Patient search by multiple criteria including family groups
  • Integrated internet postcode lookup
  • Duplicate record check – merge duplicate records
  • Patient notes
  • Action lists to keep track of tasks to be completed
  • Forms, Letters, and Documents that merge with patient information
  • Store and retrieve any document type against the
  • patient record card – e.g. scanned fields, scanned replies from GPs etc
  • GP details for use with referral letters and forms
  • Multiple prescription records
  • Full Rx details
  • Free text sight test notes form
  • Printing of referral letters
  • Default to plus or minus Cyl
  • Full CL Rx details
  • Validated Contact Lens prescriptions

Appointment Diary

With this innovative and powerful appointment diary you can optimise your clinic booking and maximise your revenue.

There is visual representation of the appointment duration and the appointment type, along with printable reports giving you detailed accurate clinic information. Patient record cards and NHS forms can be printed in bulk at the click of a button reducing the time it takes to prepare for a clinic.

With an inbuilt cancellation list and appointment reminders you can minimise those cancellation and failed to attend gaps.
The i-Clarity appointment diary includes:
  • Colour coded appointments type and status
  • Printed or SMS appointment confirmations
  • Automated SMS or email appointment reminders
  • Clinic reports
  • Clinic History
  • Resource allocation
  • Visual representation of appointment length
  • Colour coded appointment types
  • Colour coded appointment status
  • Bulk printing of NHS forms
  • Bulk printing of record cards
  • Resource allocation e.g. parking spaces or specialist instruments


​i-Clarity allows you to fully configure your recall system, so you can optimise when and how you communicate with different groups of patients – maximising your recall response.

The i-Clarity recall system includes:
  • Multiple communication types (SMS, Email, Letters and Phone Lists)
  • Patient and practice preferred communication methods
  • Multiple recalls per patient
  • Complete history of communication with patient
  • Automated recalls for specs and CLs awaiting collection
  • Automated follow ups, e.g. customer satisfaction questionnaires or follow-ups  for higher value dispenses


i-Clarity includes a powerful marketing module.
It allows you to comprehensively search for patients in specific demographics, using general, prescription and sales data.
Key features include:
  • Extensive search options, including searching for patients who have bought specific products or from specific ranges
  • Multiple communication types to use when sending your marketing correspondence
  • The option to export your patient info for 3rd party marketing fulfilment

Point of Sale

i-Clarity has an extensive till module, comparable with that found in other retail environments but optimised for use in optical practices.
Transactions are recorded accurately and with a full audit history.
All sales (including walk-ins),  refunds and write offs and are recorded, so you and your accountant can have complete confidence in your sales figures.
This financial module is validated by  an end-of day  cashing up process that is second to none for ease of use, practicality and accuracy.
Feature of the patient sale include:
  • Integrated point of sale
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Full audit trail of all transactions
  • User definable products
  • Barcode compatible
  • User definable VAT types and analysis groups
  • % VATable, dispensing fee, cost plus VAT methodologies supported
  • Walk ins fully supported
  • Sales are allocated to staff members
  • Write off, refund and amend payment functions
  • Write offs and refunds automatically adjust VAT, sales and stock reports correctly
  • On screen cashing up module, including float brought forward
  • Separate entry of banking/PDQ/Credit transfers/Petty Cash for bank reconciliation
  • NHS and Corporate payment processing and reconciliation
  • User definable till buttons and till button pages
  • (Optional) Variable product availability and product pricing by branch
  • (Scotland) Fully integrated with eGos Submission
  • (England) Due 3rd Qtr 2018 Full integration with eGos submission

Dispensing & Orders

The i-Clarity dispensing module is fully integrated with the rest of the system, prescriptions are pulled through from the clinical or Rx, the till is updated when a dispense is confirmed, orders can be automatically uploaded to lab websites and patients automatically advised on order delivery.
The main feature of i-Clarity dispensing that sets it apart from other systems is its spectacle lens comparison screen, it mirrors the dispensing opticians conversation allowing you to compare lens features and prices on the same page helping you maximise each dispense.
Main features of the dispensing module include:
  • Full system integration
  • Automatic stock adjustment
  • Optimised lens comparison
  • Automatic price adjustment for NHS voucher dispenses
  • The ability to include promotion prices and product combinations within specific time frames
  • Realtime lookup of frame stock availability across different branches
  • Uniquely easy to maintain validated lens and frame catalogues (including download options)

Contact Lenses and
Direct Debits

With the i-Clarity Contact Lens Management module you can effective control your contact lens ordering, and monitor your patient’s regular payments.
Products supplied to patients and monies received are displayed in a clear manner so that you can review each patients’ balance at any time.
The contact lens management module includes:
  • The ability to create patient specific packages of contact lens supply
  • Accommodates ‘Own’ Care schemes/ Savings Plans/ Interest Free Credit
  • Reconcile Standing Orders
  • Integrates with Direct Debit Software
  • Integrated with i-Clarity Till
  • Generate Standing Order/ Direct Debit Mandates
  • Automatic ordering of contact lenses and solutions optimising stock control

Staff Rota

i-Clarity staff rota is an effective resource in helping manage staffing levels.
Its direct link to the appointment diary and the ability to import from excel there is no need for information to be stored out of i-Clarity.
Key features of the i-Clarity staff rota include:
  • Direct link to the appointment diary
  • Colour coded staff types so you can easily ensure correct staffing levels
  • The ability to import/export your rota into excel
  • Direct link to SMS for staff communication
  • Reports on hours worked, annual leave and sickness with given time periods

Clinical Records

i-Clarity clinical records have been designed using direct input from our user base.
The whole of the clinical record is available on one page and the exam templates are individualised to your requirements.
The extensive features of i-Clarity Clinical Records includes:
  • Optional separate pre-screen module – can be conducted in a sperate room by optical assistants with different security level
  • Fully integrated with instrumentation e.g. lensmeters, autorefractors
  • Logical flow through the examination – previous prescriptions and dispensings, reason for visit, health, family history and ocular health, examination, refraction and outcome
  • Entire sight test on a single form – see at a glance all data pertaining to a visit
  • Contact lens module records recording unlimited, validated trials
  • Contact lens trials can be ordered automatically
  • User definable templates and glossaries (tags)
  • Scroll through all previous Rx’s, pressures, dispensing’s
  • Store and edit freehand drawings
  • Create, store and retrieve all patient documentation e.g. GP referrals, fields, ophthalmology reports
  • Switch between contact lens and spectacle tests with a single click
  • Validated contact lenses
  • Full audit tracking