The Full Story

The Main System;
As many of you know I love the i-Clarity system. i-Clarity’s database design is superior to everything else we see in the industry and its features changed my life in practice but it’s well overdue enhancements to its user interface. The thought of the software you use changing it’s appearance overnight can be daunting so from the late summer of this year i-Clarity will have two practice management systems available for you to choose from;

1, the i-Clarity software we all know and love that we will continue to support and develop. (With a new version landing on Wednesday 18th May.)

And 2, i-Clarity Enterprise; a new product that takes the database design of the existing system, layers on the vast array of features and functionality we already have (with enhancements!) Then tops this off with an improved and truly innovative user interface that streamlines navigation through the system and includes a design that will maximise to full screen size.

As a team, we are incredibly excited and proud to release and support this new product and we will be demonstrating it at 100% optical along with the next version of the current system. For those not attending more information about the enhancements in the next version will be released soon and we will be hosting an online webinar to demonstrate i-Clarity enterprise.

Web-Based Plugins
We have been and will continue to be investing in increasing our range of web-based systems available that can complement your i-Clarity product. This is a key goal for us as we want to make it convenient for your patients to communicate and interact with your business.

Online appointment booking.
Many of you know we have had an online appointment booking feature for a few years, this current online booking system is being completely replaced with a more user friendly and better looking design.

The replacement online booking has many significant improvements;

  • the webpage can be configured to match your company branding, including logos, colours, fonts and button styles
  • special attention has been paid to the user experience, there are no more requirements for patients to know their ID numbers and behind the scenes increased checks remove the need for patients to enter a capture code.

The new online appointment booking will be available to view at 100% or we will be showing the new system with an online webinar.

It will be an available upgrade after the next update and existing online booking users will have their current page replaced at their earliest convenience.

Email unsubscribe link.
After the next update, there will also be another supplementary web base system available, an unsubscribe link for emails sent through i-Clarity.

You will now be able to add an individual unsubscribe link to your email footers that logs the patient ID number and lets patients update their email communication preference online, these changes will then be reflected automatically on their patient record in i-Clarity – again you can get a first look at 100%.

Patient Portal.
Once our two new systems are released our next project for our portfolio of web-based systems is a patient portal. This will allow patients to interact more effectively with your business online. Completing tasks such as ordering contact lenses, checking on their spectacle order status and many other actions. If you have any feature requests for this system don’t hesitate to let us know!

NHS and electronic claim integration.

English eGOS

We have also been busy continuing to improve our English eGOS module. In the next update you will see:

  • Improved signature capture
  • Improved GOS1 form layout
  • Increased pre submission validation on GOS1 and GOS3 claims
  • Retrieval of vouchers from other practices
  • The ability to issue vouchers for patients to take elsewhere

There are still many enhancements in the pipeline for eGOS and we will continue to work on developing this module.

Scottish NHS Electronic Claims

We are continuing work on our solution for Scottish electronic NHS claims. The system for submission in Scotland is very different to England, even though there are no changes in this next version we have begun to plan and develop some enhancements we look forward to sharing with you soon.

Electronic Referrals (eERS)

You may have heard that the uptake for electronic referral integration from PMS providers has been rather negative. I can assure you that does not apply to i-Clarity! We have been working on this integration from the first release of the technical specifications and have completed our development, we are currently waiting on a testing platform from selected providers so we can begin external testing.

Irish Electronic Claims

We are also very keen to begin investigating the integration options available in Ireland concerning HSE and PRSI claims. We look forward to updating you with our plans and progress in this area as the work begins.

Third-Party Links.

i-Clarity is an extensive system, but it cannot reach all areas of practice alone. Another key goal for us is to increase our 3rd party integrations. This can be time-consuming when it comes to planning, development and testing but it is an area we a keen to maintain and extend.

We are currently working on increased integration with Zeiss equipment, have some initial sites using links between i-Clarity and telephone systems and are developing a range of links with DD originators.

We will soon be publishing a list of all our 3rd party links, plus a place to request or vote on pending links.

Things are now beginning to settle into place, and I look forward to returning to more regular communications.

A change to workplace culture and the daily processes is always difficult. I want to give a sincere shout out to the i-Clarity team as they have been nothing but hardworking and positive throughout this time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our recent journey and future plans, as a team we are excited to release and support these new innovative systems and hope you are as happy with them as we are.

Yours sincerely