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Issue #0001 – December 2022

This monthly update aims to keep you updated with the latest upates from i-clarity, along with some feature highlights and an insight to our upcoming developments.

Changes to our support line

A key value of our business is to provide all our customers with excellent customer service. To ensure we meet this goal, we have made a few changes to our support phone line.

We will now be recording calls for quality and training purposes, and when calling the support line, there will now be a greeting to confirm this.

We are taking new measures to our support line structure to ensure we can answer as many support calls as possible. However if the lines are busy and you have had to wait longer than we would like, you will still be transferred to our answering service so you can leave a message and receive a call back.

020 2084 4062 support@i-clarity.co.uk

Online Appointment Booking

We have a new online appointment booking module! This has completely replaced our previous online booking system and as I am sure our customers using the system will agree it is a now a system fit for 2022 and beyond!

The new online booking system has many benefits; Firstly, we will brand your online booking page with your practice logo and match its colours to your website. It has a significantly improved user experience leading to a smoother and quicker booking experience. Also, enhanced security means the patient no longer needs to enter a capture code. There is no requirement for the patient to know their i-Clarity ID number; the system will match up patients automatically with their records. There is also the ability to add a blurb of text about the selected appointment, giving the patient all the information they may need when booking the appointment.

If you would like to try out the new online appointments, click the button below to book an appointment for yourself on our demo branch.

Take a look at our demo

Want to add online appointment booking to your system? Then just get in touch with the support team on 029 2084 4062 or support@i-clarity.co.uk

Unsubscribe Link

We have also created an online patient communication management page that can be linked to emails sent from your i-Clarity system giving you an automatic unsubscribe link.

A link at the bottom of your i-Clarity emails will take the patient to their communication management page, that will be branded to match your website colours and styling.

Any edits the patient makes to their communication preference will be automatically saved to their i-Clarity patient record so no administration work is now required to manage an unsubscribe list.

To find out more watch our YouTube video or contact the support team to add this service to your system.

Watch our Youtube video

Feature Highlight

The patient details sidebar:¬†This bar sits alongside the main form of i-Clarity and will display the details of the active patient. Meaning you can see the patient’s information even when not on the patient main screen. For example, when you are dispensing or booking an appointment.

Double-clicking on the mobile and email fields will allow you to send ad hoc communications, and there is also a button for send note, and document storage. It may be helpful to activate this feature on machines where tasks like document scanning or specs and contact lenses are checked. It will prevent navigating to another screen to click the store button or send a notification.


You can turn the sidebar on by opening the maintenance module and navigating to the computers tab. Find the name of the computer in the list and tick the sidebar option.

What are we working on?

Along with putting the new i-Clarity Enterprise system through its paces before its Launch next year at 100% optical below are a few things we are working on.

  • We are working on a web-based stock take system that will allow you to complete a stock take using multiple mobile phones and tablets using the camera of the device to scan barcodes.

  • We are in the final stages of development of integration to the NHS EeRS suppliers, this initially will run outside of i-Clarity, pulling referral information from i-Clarity into a separate app and then pushing it through to the electronic referral supplier.

  • As part of the i-Clarity enterprise project we have developed a cataloguing database. We are now working with spectacle lens suppliers to create a central database of lenses that they can update. From i-Clarity Enterprise you will be able to download the lenses you are interested in and make any price adjustments where needed. We are then going to be extending this to a frame suppliers and sundry items giving you the ability to easily update your system with minimal administration work.

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